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Product Description

Special gift for the kindergarten teachers and the teachers who fill your children with love every day

aiaimatilde has very products to choose as a gift, just like the bracelets, the necklaces, the notebooks, the pillows with the profession illustrations and now the fabric bags!

You can choose the sentence for the top and the sentence for the side

Cute fabric bags, with long handles, they are very portable so you could put inside your handbag. Our fabric bag has a thread inside so you could fold it and then close it, see our video here veja o video aqui

If you choose a costum fabric bag, make sure you refer all the customize elements that you want before the checkout, right on the "addiotional information" area :)

- sentence for the top of the fabric bag

- sentence for the side of the fabric bag

The delivery is up to 4 weeks, after confirmation of the payment receipt (to be sent with the number of the order to our email address

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