Love Bracelet with two medals

Price: €17,00
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Product Description

Love Bracelet with two medals (up to 5 medals) (heart shape, crown shape or round shape). 

aiaimatilde jewels are made with anti-allergic steel. The color is very resistant and if you don't take a shower with them or apply perfume as other abrasive liquid directly to the jewels, you can preserve their natural beauty.

Make sure you refer all the customize elements that you want before the checkout, right on the "addiotional information" area :)

- shape of the medal (heart, crown or round)

- name to customize

- symbols to customize

- letter or symbol to customize on the mini heart(s) (or not)

The delivery is up to 4 weeks, after confirmation of the payment receipt (to be sent with the number of the order to our email address

If you wish a new symbol, that isn't in our available collection, please contact us to our email address so we can give you a budget.

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