Keychain with the Allergies

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Keychain customized with the allergies/food intolerances - it has 6cm of diameter If we have the allergie requested available on our list, the delivery is up to 24h, after confirmation of the payment receipt (to be sent with the number of the order to our email address If you choose a new allergie, the development of the illustration and the delivery is up to 3 weeks, after confirmation of the payment receipt Available allergies/food intolerances (if it is more than one allergie, they could be combined in the same keychain): - lactose - egg - strawberry - kiwi - shellfish - gluten - honey - chocolate - peanut - nuts - orange - pepper - pollen - penicillin - peach - cow's milk protein - pineapple - mushrooms - dry fruits - acetylsalicylic acid

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