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Make sure you refer the sentence to be costumized on the back before the checkout, right on the "addiotional information" area :)

- sentence to costumize on the back (as you can see on the right side image, with the pink background)

aiaimatilde jewels are made with anti-allergic steel. The color is very resistant and if you don't take a shower with them or apply perfume as other abrasive liquid directly to the jewels, you can preserve their natural beauty.

The delivery is up to 4 weeks, after confirmation of the payment receipt

The nacklace string has 62cm

"o sonho comanda a vida" (= the dream commands the life)

Thinking on this sentence, and knowing how lucky I am for living my dream, I've decided to complete the aiaimatilde custom jewelry collection with this very known object, designed by me with very much love, just as any amulet should be, fulled with good energies and good fortune!

The dreamcatcher is a legendary object, with a story of love and protection, built to separat the good dreams from the bads, keeping shut the bad ones until the sunrise erase them. This very summarized story, for me, it's wonderful!

From dream to work, here it is the very first aiaidreamcatcher prototype, a costume necklace with a sentence on the back, to bring to you all the world's good fortune!

My motto is "never stop dreaming", which for me means that if you wich something from the bottom of your heart, you can achieve it!

The delivery is up to 4 weeks, after confirmation of the payment receipt (to be sent with the number of the order to our email address

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